It is up to you whether nationals is a positive or negative experience

I posted this to our team page in 2011.   Was asked to repost before nationals this year…


Do your best.  That is all you can do, really.

If it doesn’t go as well as planned, be sure to handle and represent yourself to a high standard. Having class is contagious.  It will affect how others perceive you, and it also affects how you can move from one event to the other.  If you let it become a negative, it can bring you down for the next race and even beyond.

 Similarly, if it goes well, be proud that it all came together for you, but also be respectful of your competition. Be sure to recognize those who have helped you achieve your goals.

 Above all, enjoy the experience of competing on our biggest stage with the best talent in the country. Experiences that will be with you for a lifetime are happening, and you control whether these are positive experiences or not, no matter how the racing goes for you.

 For most everyone at Junior Nationals, you are racing in bigger fields with more talent than back home.   This is a chance to test yourself and grow.   The only way to “fail” at this event is to let what happens be something that brings you down. 

 Something to keep in mind is that ANYONE who tries to compete at the highest level is actually an overachiever.   That you are willing to even pin on a number at this race means that you have something that most people don’t.   Showing up is a very big part of this game.



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    Christian Williams really know whats he’s talking about.


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