Don’t be a dope. Don’t dope.

Don’t dope to race bikes. Don’t dope to do anything.

If you are sick, do what your doctor suggests. If you are sick, take a break from racing and get healthy. Don’t take something that is banned and race anyway, just because your doctor prescribed it to you. That’s ok for health, but it isn’t ok by the rules of our sport.

You can pursue a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), but that doesn’t mean it’ll be granted. And if it isn’t granted, don’t just do it anyway. If you must or can race while on some treatment for something, do the extra homework, and work with your doctor to make sure everything works out for your health and your ability to race within the rules.

If you can’t follow this, we part ways. I care about you. I care about you as an athlete and as a person. But if you don’t care about whether you test positive or not, I can’t really expect that you’d understand what it would be like for me, the coaches here, and the business overall if one of our athletes tested positive. I can’t just sit idle and see people test positive and claim ignorance.

We’re against ignorance. We’re certainly against deliberate ignorance. When it isn’t deliberate ignorance, it is deliberate doping, and we’re against that, too.

Here are two links to help you do what’s right. One is a list of all approved supplements by specific brand and supplement. The other is the link to USADA’s prohibited list.

The supplement list that is NSF Certified means that the factories and the supplement are tested and proved safe.  It means that you can have some assurance that there is no contamination or cross contamination with illegal substances in your supplements from these places. It does not DOES NOT mean that I think you should be taking all of those supplements.

The USADA prohibited list is a relatively easy way for you to see if something you are taking is illegal. You may need to look at some labels. There are plenty of things you can buy over the counter that will have you test positive for performance-enhancing drugs, even if you were intending to simply treat a cold or allergy.

It is up to YOU to know what you are putting in your body. It is up to you to know whether it is legal or not. If you are asking me, I’m going to refer to these two websites, as that is the only place I really know to go.

I don’t know how long it takes something to clear your system. I don’t know how much of something will make you test positive and how much will be legal. I choose to give more distance than “how much can I get away with,” and instead, I stick with the “Don’t take anything illegal.”…/certified_products_results.asp

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