I pay the bills by being a full time cycling coach as well as director for Slipstream Sports’ (Garmin-Sharp) development team.  Additionally, Chloe (my wife) and I run a cycling academy for full-time residents in Wimberley.  The Academy is primarily set up for U23 and juniors, but we also run camps through it as well.

More importantly, I’m a husband and a father of three (17, 10, 9yrs).

I was “encouraged” to have a blog to post my thoughts about training and developing riders.   I work with racers of all ages, but I get to talk about the developmental riders (21 years and younger) due to the team stuff.

What you read here is just my opinion.   I’m more of a doer than talker, so if you want to debate this stuff, I’m open for discussion, but I’ve got no time or energy for debating or arguing.   It took five minutes to create this blog, so if you just need to be right, I encourage you do go that route.  Besides, reading this blog was free, and nobody made you read it in the first place.


So, what’s the deal with the picture?   I was told I needed to have my picture on there.  So there it is.   And you know what?  chicken butt.


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